The Hajj, one of the Five Pillars of knowledge,

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System is not fully functional and not handed over to BMC yet. Although it is being used on an experimental basis, it did not provide any alerts to us about possible areas to be flooded 12 hours in advance. We were only aware about the extremely heavy rain event three days prior.

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He is constantly getting people’s backs up. We all understand that he gets stressed easily, but we can’t tolerate his tantrums and insults anymore. Individually we have tried to bring up the topic with him from time to time but nothing seems to work; he laughs it off or tells us that it was so and so’s own damn fault.

I felt if I could just talk to him that I could easily rekindle the love we had. So I called hima lot! Well, actually I TRIED to call him, but he seldom answered. When he did answer, he was cool and distant. The Dynamo vs. FC Dallas match will be closed to fans and will have limited media access. That contest, and all other locally televised Dynamo matches this season, will be broadcast live throughout the Greater Houston area on QuestTEXAS Ch.

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