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You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy notice”We are heartbroken,” a reportedly tearful Amanda Staveley told The Times after the plug was pulled on the Saudi backed bid to buy Newcastle United.17 weeks since PCP Capital Partners bid for the club reached the Premier League owners and directors test stage, the bid, Cheap Jerseys free shipping spearheaded by the financier and also involving the Reuben brothers, Simon and David, and the mega rich Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund was still awaiting the green light from Premier League chiefs.But Staveley and co will be nowhere near as heartbroken as Newcastle United fans after she blamed the decision on opposition from rival clubs and the Premier League delaying approval on their decision to withdraw their bid to buy the club.It is those fans who were sold the Saudi dream and it was those fans whose dreams were shattered on Thursday night after having a glimpse of an exciting new dawn without Mike Ashley at the helm.It is those fans who now must now head back into the soulless abyss of Ashley Newcastle, picking up the pieces of a much publicised, long drawn out process, right back at square one. Tired, battered and bruised and facing up to the ridicule of rival fans, revelling in another of a long list of missed opportunities.Read MoreAmanda Staveley left as Newcastle United takeover breaks downIt is those fans who have wasted energy on yet another takeover process that has fallen through and it those fans who now have to come to terms that 13 years of belief sapping, underachievement and stagnation under Ashley could be set to continue.It is those fans who will be told all about the club huge potential in one breath, before being told they demand too much in another.It is those fans who matter least in a decision that affects them most.This was never about who was taking control of the club. This was always about that time finally coming to an end.This was about fans putting faith into someone new who would match their hope, ambition and devotion they put into their club, season in, season out, with actions on and off the pitch.This takeover meant more than just improvement on the pitch.

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