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Note to readers: I had not planned to pen a second consecutive column on officiating, but a couple of readers got me really riled up. It’s my column, my time, my two cents’ worth well, at least until we ban the penny. So bug off and go read the New Yorker if you crave more precise and correct use of the language..

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Hoping to avoid the mistakes that doomed his first foray into offering a spring alternative to the NFL, WWE CEO Vince McMahon spent two years building up the league, promising to spend $500 million. He hired Oliver Luck, a former NCAA executive and father of former NFL quarterback Andrew Luck, as the league’s commissioner and was able to snag a few prominent names, including former Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, as head coaches. The league promised shorter games and interesting rule changes, including a soccer style tiebreaking shootout, no extra points and multiple forward passes on a single play..

4: The number of seasons since 1999 that the Redskins have had a top 10 scoring defense 2000 (7th); 2004 (5th); 2005 (9th) and 2008 (6th). Over that span, they ranked 20th or worse nine times. When they won the Super Bowl in 1982, the Redskins had the top scoring defense in the league..

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