I miss chatting with fans on the elevator ride to

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cheap nba Jerseys from china I miss the ticket takers and office workers. I miss chatting with fans on the elevator ride to the top floor and the ambiance of the press box.I miss the broadcast booth, spending an unexpected summer sitting with two professional broadcasters and a former major league pitcher, being allowed to talk nightly on air about baseball from a chair previously occupied by two friends who began their rise to the major leagues there.I miss that on my birthday, the press box manager would tell me in a few seconds, how many days old I was.I miss standing on the field, talking about grass and dirt and Wiffle ball with the head groundskeeper, sharing the bond that brought us to baseball, the affection for what takes place on that grass.I miss chatting with my fellow photographers as our eyes dart around the field looking for the next shot.I miss the pregame ceremony and the Mets general manager selling the game he loves and inspiring the crowd, large or small, to love it, as well.I miss the team staff that treats me so well, and makes baseball happen here, and I miss the young women and men who orchestrate the between innings on field games that thrill youngsters and woo them into becoming the next generation of fans. I miss high fiving young men, mute and unrecognizable in their guise as team mascots.I miss being asked by the official scorer what I thought of a play, and I miss being dazzled by the technical genius of the people in the computer center who bring life to the “big board” that chronicles the on field action.I miss the media people whose use of cameras and computers takes the game to the fans who follow the team even when they are not at the ballpark.I miss chatting with friends among ushers and security people and the fans who have become friends, an inning or so at a time. cheap nba Jerseys from china

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