General Manager Mike Rizzo called off practice on

Manager Dave Martinez talks about keeping the players and staff safe. General Manager Mike Rizzo called off practice on Monday, July 6 after coronavirus testing was delayed. Nationals Washington Post Orenstein nationals turner martinez rizzo coronavirus testing coronavirus testing coronavirus testing coronavirus practice practice baseball practice baseball Newton days into MLB’s return, it’s fair to question the strategy problems cast doubt on viability of MLB season, days after baseball’s return Nationals center Orenstein Orenstein Newtonchanges Cheap Jerseys china to baseball 2020 season changes to baseball 2020 season global coronavirus outbreak put a pause on professional sports.

“We were able tobe very calm and follow our plan. We had to slowly bring up each system and make sureit was stable before we brought on the next one. What you didn’t want to do was bringup everything at once and have an issue and not know what caused the problem.

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