English is the official language

My point is if the states all adopted this law it would probably help with this problem. When a woman is hurt in this state from what I saw the judges are not interested in the woman’s status, however these men who came here illegally in the first place need to be slammed with jail, high fines and deportation. I will be voting for him this year, he has been the only one I have seen who has the guts to do it.

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Shares of Amazon spiked as much as 7 percent to a record $1,619 (roughly Rs. 1.08 lakhs) in after hours trading, erasing wholesale jerseys from china recent losses following a series of tweets from President Donald Trump that attacked the company. The president also launched a study of whether Amazon is getting too good of a deal from the US Postal Service.

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From 1672, when the group became an English colony, they remained British. The Governor is appointed by Britain; is the Queen’s personal representative; is responsible for external affairs and internal security; and heads the Executive Council which is locally elected and is responsible for formulating the government’s policies. English is the official language.3.

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