Dentures require you to place them in a cup at night

But hey, go for it. God knows he’ll bust out for 80 points the minute you bench or drop him.The Dolphins are gonna Dolphin.SACK MASTAH. Dion Jordan got the first sack of his career! It was also the only tackle he had in the game.But, still.If he can keep bringing the heat, along with Cameron Wake on the other side, the Dolphins pass rush is going to pucker many a quarterback’s sphincters so hard in the coming weeks, they’re going to explode.You hear that, Tom Brady? Your asshole is going to resemble the floor of our driveway after the Forth of July when we’re done with you!Super Terrific Disgruntled Dolphins Happy Hour One game into the season a win, no less and the Dolphins are already dealing with not one, but two possible disgruntled situations.First off, there’s Mike Wallace, who caught 1 pass for 15 yards, while Harline got most of the targets and ended with the better game.Reports said that Wallace refused to talk to the media afterward, and when asked about the game plan, he told people to ask the coaches..

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