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A. You may also optionally add to your profile certain demographic information, such as your country, zip code and gender, as well as your photo. If you are a broadcaster, we ask you for information about your station and broadcast(s) when you register on our Service, including your name, email address, phone number, website, content streaming URL, as well as background information on the station and broadcast(s)..

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“Obviously, everyone is trying to take precautions right now. And rightfully so. It can be dangerous. The Chumash smoked the dried leaves occasionally, but mostly they formed it into 5 inch or cakes, which they could then carry around in a tube and ingest at their pleasure. Anthropologist Jan Timbrook describes how they prepared and ingested Indian tobacco, only recreational drug used by the Chumash. The datura based toloache was primarily for ritual and ceremonial uses (see Robinson reference, 4.1.1.)..

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