Attorney General Christian Porter also confirmed

Today PaperBusinesses will be able to reduce workers hours under a new “JobKeeper enabling stand down”, under changes the Coalition government will bring to Parliament on Wednesday. Attorney General Christian Porter also confirmed that employers will legally be able to ask workers to take most of their leave while still receiving the $1500 a fortnight job subsidy from the government. But workers must be left with their final two weeks leave and cannot be forced to use that up.

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canada goose black friday sale I get up in the morning and train, before training it too smoky and after training it too hot,” she said. Bureau of Meteorology senior climatologist Agata Imielska said Canberrans should be prepared for the smoke haze caused by bushfires to thicken during the day. A cooler southerly change first expected for 2pm would be more likely to come through about 7 or 8pm, she said. canada goose black friday sale buy canada goose jacket I’ve yet to inflict git on my pupils, but I think that:(a) there’s definitely a route into learning how it works without getting confused. For example, use of analogy to explain the staging area and the commit process, then drawing on the analogy at the end of the process to reference the git jargon.(b) I haven’t done the full research but I feel that there’s a good ecosystem of porcelain for git, even though the era of plumbing+porcelain is far behind us. I’d appreciate any hints in the right direction on this front. buy canada goose jacket

Were getting ready to take off and I told dad, Murray said. Then we got in the air and the seatbelt signs came off, and I went to Lanny (McDonald) and said, have something I want to show you. I took him back to the bathroom and I said, thought you should be the one to have this first.

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