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Shanahan met with him when he got back and had a chance to evaluate how he was doing. He found him to be emotionally drained and mentally exhausted. Reports out of Redskins Park verify this situation. Between two trees runs a red ribbon of a tightrope. The youngest girl, Leonora, walks the rope teetering on one foot and then the other with that innate ease that belongs to the very young, who are featherlight and don’t have far to fall. She makes it three full steps across before she trips lightly off the line.

The turmoil was the latest chapter in a national debate over how to understand America’s history and pay homage to its founders while also acknowledging their contributions to racist practices and institutions. The committee termed 153 out of 1,330 individuals who have something named after them in the capital city “persons of concern” but did not recommend that all their names be removed. The report calls for the renaming of playgrounds, parks and 21 public schools.

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And that tie against a fairly mediocre Arizona team took place in the good part of the season for the Lions, who followed it up with wins over the Chargers and Eagles and close losses to the Packers and Chiefs. But quarterback Matthew Stafford, who had been having perhaps the best season of his career, broke bones in his back against the Raiders on Nov. 3 and Detroit hasn’t won since..

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