Although, analysts advise caution in the small, mid, “It seems that first time investors and traders who can also be termed as lockdown players have taken this market higher especially by shoring up the share prices of small cap and penny stocks,” Jimeet Modi, Founder CEO, SAMCO Securities StockNote told Moneycontrol.In the broader market, especially in the smallcap and micro cap space, companies displayed signs of momentum. There are as many as 8 companies within the market cap of Rs 1,000 5,000 crore that have risen more than 100 percent in the last 6 months, data from AceEquity showed.Stocks that more than doubled investor wealth were IOL Chemicals, Suzlon Energy, Aarti Drugs, Best Agrolife, Alkyl Amines Chemicals, Marksans Pharma, Astech Lifesciences, and GTL Infrastructure.On a YTD basis, the broader market performed relatively betterwith around 12 percent and 9 percent respective falls in the mid and small cap indices in the last six months.Although, analysts advise caution in the small, mid, and penny stock space, at the same time if investors bet on the right stocks, the probability of it giving more than double digit return also becomes higher.”The problem in lesser researched companies is as much quality as it is corporate governance particularly in the mid and small cap segments,” Vikaas M Sachdeva, Chief Executive Officer, Emkay Investment Managers Limited told Moneycontrol.”If the stock stands by the touchstone of quality, as mentioned above, and corporate governance, they will do well irrespective of market caps. I think there is a lot of money to be made in high quality small and midcaps and these are early days in terms of a rally,” he said.There are as many as 78 stocks that have a market cap of less than Rs 1,000 crore that have more than doubled investors’ wealth in the last six months.”Penny stocks usually do not have any fundamentals and has poor standard of corporate governance, therefore it is very difficult to arrive at any valuation.

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