After pass rushers, outside cornerbacks are

Washington’s roster is bereft. The team’s management structure is murky, with franchise icon Doug Williams in charge of personnel, longtime executive Eric Schaffer running the salary cap, Allen making final decisions and no fans quite certain of who’s really picking the players. This arrangement has to compete directly in the NFC East with Howie Roseman’s front office in Philadelphia, one of the savviest, most up to date and forward thinking in all of professional sports.

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“We’ve talked,” Reid said at the coaches’ breakfast with media members at the NFL’s annual league meeting. “But I’m not going to go into that. We’ve talked about things. Miller is one of the sport’s top pass rushers and is in line for a mega contract. Former Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe joked in the Denver locker room following the AFC championship game, in which Miller had a brilliant performance harassing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, that he might have to give Elway a loan to get Miller re signed. Speculation has begun that if Miller gets a long term contract rather than a one year, franchise player deal, it could resemble Ndamukong Suh’s six year, $114 million pact with the Miami Dolphins or Justin Houston’s six year, $101 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs..

The look of the Tide’s offense could change with Jones under center. The redshirt sophomore from Jacksonville, Fla., is not as athletic as a healthy Tagovailoa, nor does he have the same arm strength. That shouldn’t matter next week against Western Carolina, Alabama’s annual nonconference game in the lead up to the Iron Bowl against archrival Auburn..

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